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SENNS is thrilled to partner with Nova Scotia Department of Business to offer bursaries to Nova Scotian social enterprises to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The SEWF is an international event for social enterprises from all over the world to come together, share wisdom, build networks and discuss how to create a more sustainable future.

The Social Enterprise World Forum will take place from 12-14th September 2018 at the Edinburgh International Convention Centre and we want to make sure Nova Scotia is well represented!

“The anticipated 1200 participants will include social enterprise leaders, policy makers, commercial partners, academics, students and young entrepreneurs…”

SENNS, with funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Business, will provide a bursary to eligible applicants covering up to $750-$1000 (based on number of applications received) of the cost of attending the SEWF.

  • The bursary will cover the price of registration plus a portion of airfare and accommodation based on demonstrated need.
  • The bursary will not cover food or social events.

To apply for the social enterprise bursary, candidates must complete the online application form by July 25, 2018.  The purpose of the bursaries is to support those who would otherwise not be able to participate. SENNS encourages applicants from SENNS members who support and/or identify as indigenous, African, immigrant, LGBTQ2; youth, and/or women.

Once successful applicants have been notified, they will provide SENNS with all relevant documentation for processing of the bursary.

Eligible applicants:

  • Must be a resident of NS
  • Must be a SENNS member
  • Must be directly involved in the operation of a social enterprise
  • Agree to provide an “Impact Story” to SENNS post SEWF 2018 event outlining the benefit gained from attending SEWF 2018 which must include business deals/partnerships secured and one or all of the following: an “ah ha” moment, advice/realization that you wish you had earlier and would like those up and coming to the sector to know, how you are going to use this experience in Nova Scotia. This should be between 200 and 500 words and be submitted to [email protected] by October 19 2018.

Selections will be made based on:

  • Diversity in social enterprise industry and mission
  • Diversity of individuals i.e. support and/or identify as indigenous, African Nova Scotian, new Canadian, LGBTQ2, youth, and/or woman
  • Social enterprise legal structure, number of employees
  • Agreement to provide and “Impact Story”